Best Studio Sessions

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30-min Phone Discovery

Want to know more about B.E.S.T. and what Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique has to offer you?
Meet Emma or Pam and DISCOVER how gaining awareness and accountability propels you to your success in Health, Wealth and Happiness.
No obligation conversation

(30 minutes)

Complimentary Initial Assessment

An opportunity to discuss your wellness goals.
included your pH saliva baseline assessment
included your Bio Wellness and Stress Test.
This is for new clients only

Together we establish which program is best for you to take your wellness back.

(30 minutes)

First Session In Conjunction With Initial Assessment

Confirm your first session in conjunction with your Complimentary Initial Assessment and receive $50 credit towards the program that is BEST for you.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
AUD 150.00

Keep On Track

You have walked your journey with us before and you are ready to get things back on track. Your “Tune Up” to with LIFE

(1 hour)
AUD 150.00

365 to Health

You are on your journey through AWARENESS and keeping ACCOUNTABLE we achieve ultimate success.
This is ONLY available to those that have committed to the 365 to Health program.

You are in control. Own it. Live it.

(1 hour)